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Digital Traffics Academy of Digital Marketing

Digital Traffics Academy of Digital Marketing which has mapped a well-drafted curriculum in an aim to bridge the skill gap between graduates and the industrial par requirement standards. The core of the curriculum is enhancing the practical application skill by engaging in real-time live projects. The curriculum has a well-defined learning path drafted in par to the evolving industry standards. Our courses are the right fit for graduates with a passion to build a career in digital marketing, for business owners, sales and marketing professionals looking to leverage digital marketing for organisational growth.

The course has been built on a seven-level learning path towards becoming a Job-Ready Digital Marketing Specialist. The skill levels have been categorised into Fundamental, Intermediate, Expert and Advanced based on the curriculum chosen. The curriculum enables students to master various digital marketing skills by hands-on learning with live projects and simulation to complement world-class course content in digital marketing strategy, Analytics, SEO, Social Media and Paid Advertising.   

About us - Digital Traffics

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